Castelli - Aria Shell Jacket - Fietsjack maat XL, grijs

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Grijs Zilver Silver gray

Over Castelli - Aria Shell Jacket - Fietsjack maat XL, grijs

The Aria Shell Jacket is all about bringing the classic windproof jacket right up to date. This high-performance windproof outer layer now matches the rest of your highly functional cycling kit. Gone are the oversize fit and flappy, poor breathing fabrics. In their place are an ultralight windproof woven microfiber front and mesh side panels. These work in harmony to keep out cold winds but offer extremely good breathability too. No cold air can slip inside and yet any sweat you build-up can escape, the result being a perfect temperature when riding.  The fit is a revelation compared to jackets of old too. The stretch panels to the sides and back of the sleeves give it a second-skin fit more akin to a race jersey. Less fabric to catch the wind. Less drag. More efficient cycling. A win all-round. In cool to mild conditions, you can keep it on all ride, but if the day warms up it's easily folded up to stuff in your jersey pocket. This is definitely not your old-style wind jacket.